Anritsu Webinar: Passive Intermodulation (PIM) concerns in in-building wireless systems.

Operators now have multiple technology options available when it comes to deploying in-building wireless services. Options include passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), active DAS, Distributed Radio Systems (DRS) and Distributed Small Cells (DSC). When multiple operators / multiple technologies are deployed indoors sharing common antenna systems, passive intermodulation (PIM) can be a serious issue.

This presentation will provide an overview of each in-building wireless technology and discuss areas most prone to PIM generation. The presentation will also address methods to reduce PIM magnitude in in-building wireless systems.

What you will learn:
– In-building wireless technology overview addressing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Distributed Radio Systems (DRS) and Distributed Small Cells (DSC)

– Areas where PIM is a concern (and not a concern) for each in-building wireless technology

– Methods to mitigate PIM in in-building wireless networks

Who should attend:
– RF Engineers
– Project Managers
– Cellular technicians
– Wireless contractor
Presenter: Tom Bell, Senior Product Manager, Anritsu
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Rohde & Schwarz Webinar: Spectrum Clearing – Preparing for Future Services

In order to meet the ever-increasing needs for bandwidth in mobile networks, regulatory agencies often reallocate or “refarm” spectrum which had previously been used for other communications services. In many cases this refarmed spectrum must be cleared of both existing users and sources of interference before it can be put into service. This webinar discusses the spectrum clearing process from a practical perspective, leveraging many of the lessons learned during the 700 MHz LTE spectrum clearing in the United States. Real-world examples and best practices will be provided to help engineers and technicians with the practical aspects of the spectrum clearing process.

Presenter: Paul Denisowski, Applications Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz
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